We now begin to explore the Art of Demonic Conjuration, one of the most raw and primal forms of Satanic Black Magick.
The Ritual put forth here is designed to Conjure the Power of a specific Demon in aiding the Satanist to attain a certain personal goal or desire or to aid them in Workings which will benefit the Greater Work of the Demons themselves.
Throughout this Book Conjurations shall be given of all of the Demons listed in The Ruling Demonic Legion along with descriptions of their most consistent guise to aid in the Visualization of the Demon during this Ritual.
It is important to understand that it is the Demon’s Power you are Conjuring not the Demon itself and so visual manifestation of that Demon will not occur, although in truth it rarely does even when performing direct Evocation of the Demon itself which we shall examine later in the Book.
The only additional implement needed upon the Altar is a Parchment Sigil of the Demon, this will be burnt within the Rite but the Satanist should not feel any resentment in this for it is the Power of the Demon being Conjured as said and not the Demon, by burning the Sigil the Satanist is merely releasing the raised power to bring about the desires manifestation and intention of the Workings and releasing the power the Demon back to is original source.
The third Devotional Candle lit toward the end of the Gestating The Satanic Sanctum Working shall have been dedicated to the Demon being Conjured.
The Satanist should stand before the Altar and begin by reciting the following passage:

“The Black Arts of the Satanic Sanctum … those gifted by Our Infernal Lord Satan … are ineffable in their Workings … holding the Power to bring change on many realms … and to make manifest the desires and objectives of they who are Initiates of those most Sacrosanct Arts … here within the Sanctum Gestated and before the Grand Altar of the King of the Infernal … I seek to carry out The Master Ritual Of Demonic Conjuration … to call upon the immense Power of the Demon N … that I may bring change to that destiny which lies ahead and make manifest that which I desire … Ave Satanas!”

Taking up the Parchment Sigil from the Altar the Satanist places it upon The Satanic Pentacle and continues:

“Behold the Sigil of the Grand Demon N … the sacred Mark of its ineffable Name … carrying within it the Infernal Current of the Demon itself … Grand Demon of Hell by this your Sigil I Conjure your Power this night … Call forth the inexpressible force of your Infernal Current to gestate that desire which now burns within my mind and within the core of my Spirit!”

Holding their energy hand above the Sigil the Satanist visualizes – if they wish – the form of the Demon within their mind and when ready continues with the following recitation.

“By the Covenant of Alliance between the Infernal Initiate and the Demons of the Legion of Hell … I Petition your Power this night Grand Demon N … Mighty Spirit of the Dark Realms of the Kingdom of Shadows … encircle this place of Magick with your ineffable Power that my objectives shall be made manifest upon the realms they are destined to effect … Ave N!”

The Satanist now reads aloud the specific Conjuration of the Demon to attain their desired objective.
Upon completing the recitation of the Conjuration the Satanist now removes the Sigil from The Satanic Pentacle and says:

“I now commit this Sigil to the flame of the Candle lit in honour of the Demon N … for now the power raised here is contained within this Sigil … and yet by its burning I am returning that power to the source of its creation … to the eternal fire of the Grand Demon N … the eternal fires of Hell … that the bequest made here may rise upon the smoke and carry forth to the realms of Hell where its intention shall gain gestation!”

Touching the Parchment to the flame the Satanist watches it begin to burn while saying:

“Released is the power raised this night … that it may sew the seeds of my desire upon the realms of the Kingdom of Hell … Ave Satanas!”

The Sigil is dropped into a small metal container and allowed to burn and the Satanist continues:

“The Ineffable Sigil of the Demon N … is consigned to the flame … to the fire from which the Demons of Hell are given form … the smoke that rises from this flame is as the rising phoenix of legend … and that phoenix is the seed of my desire taking flight … journeying to the realms of gestation that there they may be sewn and birth my objectives upon the realms they are intended to alter … upon the realms where the harvest of my Workings here shall become manifest reaping that which my desires have sewn … Ave N!”

Now the Satanist resides in silent meditation for a moment upon the desires which have been rooted in the gestating realms of Hell before raising their hand in Satanic salute and concluding:

“My eternal and infinite gratitude Grand Demon N … for the Power you have bestowed upon my Workings this night … for the Benediction/Malediction you are to cultivate … that my desires be satiated … ever am I your Servant and open to you as a Gateway into the dominion of mortals … Ave Satanas!”

The Candle dedicated to the Demon is now extinguished to symbolize that the flaming seeds of desire have now been consumed within the dark spheres of Hell where they silently gestate the intention of the Satanist.
After Workings the Candle remains are buried within the earth near to the Satanists abode to gestate and Consecrate the land to the Demon Conjured.

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