cops invited to school get fucking owned


You should read the article, the Superintendent took down the posters after the police got whiny about it.  Like read the entire article. The officers who spoke about this are absolutely disgusting. They equate teacher-sexual relationships to police brutality, they say that students shouldn’t be discussing or learning about police brutality, and they state that police brutality simply isn’t the problem it’s been made out to be by the media.

This article makes me sick, but I think it’s important to see common pro-police rhetoric laid out in plain sight so that we can all see how ridiculous it can be.

Because I know some of ya’ll won’t read it, here are some of my favorite quotes:


Ok fair point, Superintendent Galsterer. Actually a really good point!! The officers refused to communicate upset with the faculty in the school, which left no room for discussion. I actually think she’s being a bit too accommodating by taking the posters down, but she’s obviously trying to compromise and keep the peace. That’s admirable.

So, how will the Detective respond??


Oh… So you… A Detective…. didn’t think that maybe you should investigate a situation further in order to understand?? You just jumped right to being offended by teens doing a school project and doing research. Ok. Cool. You definitely sound rational.

Also how did her statement lack empathy? She clearly wants to learn and grow from this encounter and is trying to open a dialogue with the police department. How does that lack empathy? That shows an enormous amount of willingness on Superintendent Galsterer’s part to learn and grow, she is trying to show empathy.


So- you think that we just shouldn’t talk about systemic issues regarding violence against citizens, but especially citizens who are people of colour or people with disabilities? We just shouldn’t discuss that? Let me remind you, this is a high school. The police were called in to look for hard drugs on school grounds with dogs, and they think teenagers can’t handle intense subjects like police violence. Murder at the hands of police is still murder, and it still needs to be discussed.
Also kids should be able to express themselves? And they should be able to do research for a school project without getting jumped on by police.

I don’t want to go into a whole tirade about why police violence is a real and intense problem in the US, because we’ve all seen our fill of those posts and I don’t think I need to add another one. However it is a prevalent problem that has been going on since long before the Black Lives Matter movement started. It’s been going on for literal centuries. Racial bias is still embedded in this country’s politics and government. And that is something that is worth discussing.


Are you saying that teens shouldn’t be given room to develop political opinions through research? Because that’s what it sounds like. Restricting a student’s ability to understand a political landscape simply because it doesn’t fit your political ideology is damaging. Students should have the ability to research and learn and form their own opinions, and that means allowing them to look into current issues that intrigue them. Including ones that are controversial.