Survival of the richest: the wealthy are plott…

Survival of the richest: the wealthy are plotting to leave us behind:






Last year, I got invited to a super-deluxe private resort to deliver a keynote speech to what I assumed would be a hundred or so investment bankers.

After I arrived, I was ushered into what I thought was the green room. But instead of being wired with a microphone or taken to a stage, I just sat there at a plain round table as my audience was brought to me: five super-wealthy guys — yes, all men — from the upper echelon of the hedge fund world. After a bit of small talk, I realized they had no interest in the information I had prepared about the future of technology. 

They had come with questions of their own.They started out innocuously enough. Ethereum or bitcoin? Is quantum computing a real thing? Slowly but surely, however, they edged into their real topics of concern.Which region will be less impacted by the coming climate crisis: New Zealand or Alaska? Is Google really building Ray Kurzweil a home for his brain, and will his consciousness live through the transition, or will it die and be reborn as a whole new one? Finally, the CEO of a brokerage house explained that he had nearly completed building his own underground bunker system and asked, “How do I maintain authority over my security force after the event?”

rich people are fucking terrifying

The Event. That was their euphemism for the environmental collapse, social unrest, nuclear explosion, unstoppable virus, or Mr. Robot hack that takes everything down.

This single question occupied us for the rest of the hour. They knew armed guards would be required to protect their compounds from the angry mobs. But how would they pay the guards once money was worthless? What would stop the guards from choosing their own leader? The billionaires considered using special combination locks on the food supply that only they knew. Or making guards wear disciplinary collars of some kind in return for their survival. Or maybe building robots to serve as guards and workers — if that technology could be developed in time.

eat the rich before they eat the rest of us

It’s not my desire to fear monger, but there is a reason as nation we no longer invest in infrastructure that benefits the entire nation rich and poor alike. 

this is scary, but also hilarious. because history has shown decisively, repeatedly, that this NEVER WORKS. every time the glitterati try to build a boat and flood the world, the people they’re killing rip them to shreds and take the boat. every time. fiddling while rome burns is a real good way to die ugly.

even if it did work fyre festival proved that they’d kill each other about 3 days into their “new world.” the rich need us a helluva lot more than we need them