good things about the nsfw ban

  • good idea to ban nsfw content on a 13+ website. like as a concept, it is a good policy!!
  • no more cp
  • children will not get exposed to nsfw shit on here anymore (literally you could not search the tag of any female character, including adult ones, without finding porn of her. after this ban was announced, a 15 year old i know’s first reaction was “finally i can search any tag ever”)
  • no more dudes with blogs that are just gifs of stolen footage from sex workers
  • no more nerds with hentai blogs. theyre not inherently bad but i personally hate them

bad things about the nsfw ban

  • will hurt sex workers who use this site to advertise
  • bad implementation: things getting incorrectly flagged as nsfw. several sfw lgbt tags and a few fandom tags (like, for children’s tv shows) were made unsearchable, and some innocent people’s blogs were deleted. this is more a problem with the implementation, than the policy itself.
  • “female presenting nipples”
  • not necessarily a bad thing about the nsfw ban, but a bad thing related to it: tumblr ONLY did this bc they got taken out of the app store. they don’t actually give a shit

things that are unrelated to the nsfw ban but important to note

  • tumblr still hasn’t banned the terfs or the nazis, and they need to.
  • tumblr STILL promotes pedophilic content. in their “year in review 2018″ thing, many of the “top ships” listed were pedophilic (like sheith) or incestuous (like thorki). this is disgusting.