If you’ve been Muted:

Hey all, I know there’s a lot of what the heck is going on issue, and here’s some information I gathered:

  • You can post, people can see it on their dash, but when you go to a blog, it is not on their first page.
  • You can only access it in their archives.
  • Or on another page, but it is out of order.
  • This is frustrating, especially if you’re NOT an explicit blog.
  • As a content creator, this is extra frustrating.

I’m positive this is a bug as they fix the filtering systems, however, here’s what I suggest in the meantime:

  1. Stop your Queue/Don’t post new creative content (or do so, but know it won’t show on your first page)
  2. Update your bio to let followers know that you are indeed active and where to find new posts
  3. Send an email to staff, such as this:


While my recent posts appear on the dashboard, they are not appearing on the first page of my blog. Instead, they can only be accessed through the archive or on other pages, but out of order. Is this currently a sitewide bug due to correcting the filtering system? Have I been muted, and if so, what would be the reason for this and what can I do to correct it? As a content creator this is detrimental.

Thank you and best regards,

(Your name)

I’m sure this will be fixed as it appears to be a widespread issue. But until then, let’s stay calm.