Youtube’s current situation

I don’t usually do posts like these, but this is quite important for me and for many other people on Internet

It’s about Youtube’s current situation.

Recently, Children’s Online Privacy Protection (COPPA) has planned to apply some insanely vague and ridiculous regulations on Youtube and these regulations are harming Youtube creators as well as the viewers.

Okay, I’m not very good at explaining stuff, but I’ll try my best.

They plan on adding a new system on which a content creator will have to tell if their video is aimed for kids or not. If your video is “targetted for children”, your video will :

-have no notifications nor comments

-not be searchable, suggested nor recommended

-make 90% LESS revenue

They plan on installing a bot in order to sort out things (and we already know that, most of the time, bots do a lot of mistakes, especially when it comes to these kind of things). Whenever a video contains “slang and pop culture phrases like "fun”, “free stuff”, “whatever”, “duh” (I AM NOT KIDDING), animated characters, bold or fast-moving graphics or bright and vibrants colors", IT WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE CONSIDERED AS A VIDEO AIMED FOR CHILDREN. So content related to games, cartoons, animation and many others are done for.

Thankfully, COPPA is letting us the chance to speak in order to change this.

There is a petition going on which you can sign in order to help. You can also leave a comment to the FTC on the matter (PLEASE BE CIVILISED).

Here are the sources :


Send a message to the FTC (PLEASE BE CIVILISED) ;

FTC (COPPA) website (to see the information concerning what is considered as children targetted things go in RELATED DOCUMENTS and go to page B-1) ;