To address the Higher Beings you must never kn…

To address the Higher Beings you must never kneel down; for the act of kneeling down lowers the attitude of the petitioner, and brings him in attunement with the lower worlds of beings; with the material, or even lower. Therefore, the supplicant should stand upright, with arms crosses over the breast and one hand resting lightly on each shoulder. He should looks UP.

Furthermore, he should address his petition silently and mentally; for the spoken word issues from within outwards, and as soon as it is uttered it flows into the material realms of illusion and is lost there. It can then have material results only and, at the worst, they may be dire in the extreme.  In order to petition the Divine denizens of the Spiritual Realms, the prayer should be from without inwards; from the  material to the spiritual.



20 Reasons to leave ‘‘Religion” behind

20 Reasons to leave ‘‘Religion” behind

1. Christianity is based on fear

2. Christianity preys  on the innocent

3. Christianity is based on dishonesty

4. Christianity is extremely egocentric

5. Christianity breeds arrogance, a chosen people mentality

6. Christianity breeds authoritarianism

7. Christianity is cruel

8. Christianity is anti-intellectual, anti scientific

9. Christianity has a morbid, unhealthy preoccupation with sex

10. Christianity produces sexual misery

11. Christianity has  an exceedingly narrow, legalistic view of morality

12. Christianity encourages acceptance of real evils while focusing on imaginary evils

13. Christianity depreciates the natural world

14. Christianity models hierarchical, authoritarian organization

15. Christianity sanctions slavery

16. Christianity is misogynistic

17. Christianity is homophobic

18. The bible is not a reliable guide to Christ’s teachings

19. The bible is riddled with contradictions

20. Christianity borrowed its central myths and ceremonies from other ancient religions.


To become God is easy, because you are already God, and the only thing  left is that you realize it, and Live as God, to have “consciousness of God”…not by “reasons”, but by “intuition” in mystical experiences.

In the Bible, Cain was exiled to the land of N…

In the Bible, Cain was exiled to the land of Nod, and what became of him after is not specified,except that he is known to have founded great kingdoms. Of his death and burial, nothing is said. But  the legends of other cultures pick up where the Bible leaves off.  In numerous myths, the body of the Forgotten Father is said to be entombed with the subterranean chamber, located in the cave of scared mountain in the center of the Earth. There he is not dead, but eternally sleeping, and his dreams still have the power to influence the actions of mortal men upon the Earth’s surface. One day, it is said upon the arrival of the new Golden Age, he will return to once again shepherd his flock. Until then, his servants work in secret to prepare the way.

Because of this, we are obliged to acknowledge the insight and guidance that we have received from him,and thus are compelled to pledge our steadfast, unswerving  obedience to him and his principles. It is a pledge we feel quite confident in making and a servitude that brings us nothing but joy. To us Cain will always be  the rightful.



Death vs Life

Death vs Life

Chosen and Judgment

Dismemberment of God and the Aftermath

Who was Jesus? That is, who was the  man, Jesu…

Who was Jesus? That is, who was the  man, Jesus? Some say there was no such person, others that Jesus was not his name; still others that  he was not crucified. etc.

Other names associated with  the man Jesus had been Jeshua, Esu, Immanuel, and  there  is also a reference to the names(spellings)  Jesheua and Jeshewua but separate individuals in the ‘three Christs interpretation of the crucifixion.

He taught that the true approach to God does not come from outside, as demonstrated in  his statement:

“Seek ye the Kingdom of Heaven which is withing….’ Thus he attempted to teach the concept of withinness, which we might realize was one of the failures(of man). He readily referred to the “Father within’ or the closet within.”

Another “Failure” in the advent of Christ on this planet was the unexpected degree  with man  idolized Jesus, in spite of Jesus treating others as equals. The very act of putting the great master on a pedestal separated ordinary humans from that which they sought. He demonstrated successfully by the events of his how to care for others, to love and forgive. He  also played a part in  the demonstration of life after death.

It appears  that he was not just highly  developed member of our human life stream but that he was a special  messenger, a creation from the Source to bring more direct aid to the planet.

Jesus apparently had  the ability to apply an invisibility  technique to avoid those who would destroy him. He he could annul the karma of others if this was deemed appropriate.

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