The first thing that people can do to bring about human freedom is to become aware of all of the small freedoms they have and expand upon them. In our world, there is a great deal of emphasis on broad and gigantic social, political and spiritual freedoms, but many people find it difficult to exercise even the smallest freedoms, such as simply expressing a fact or opinion in a social circle. The irony is that broad sweeping freedoms really exist so that people may enjoy all of the small freedoms that make existence worthwhile. One can begin enjoying those small freedoms simply by exercising them. As more and more people begin to do this, freedoms for all will expand. It therefore follows that sacrificing “smaller” freedoms in the name of achieving “broader” freedoms will actually cause all freedoms to be lost.

Freedoms are a a state privilege, and the have never been a a fundamental human right under law, from church cannon laws, to old Maritime law, to modern national government laws. Humanity has always been the chattel of  the lord from the church point of view, or  chattel of the state from the economic point of view. Sot true freedom is granting rights to devil worship and so it must be narrowly privileged and simply not a fundamental right.

Life is complex that most of us giving up trying to understand it. It is meant to be this was. The  elite who have been gathering the mysteries of life for many thousands of years haven wanted the common person to  feel confused and overwhelmed. They have wanted the powers of darkness veiled from the poeple,  so that they can use their supernatural evil powers without competition. They have hoarded the best of science, magic,  psychology and spiritual knowledge  to themselves, and given mankind the crumbs. This isn’t something new, they have been keeping secrets from the bulk of mankind for thousands of years. In a sophisticated divide and conquer strategy, the mystery  religions were created to hide from the masses the existence,power and worship of Lucifer. The Bible is correct that Lucifer was appointed a postilion of great authority.

Evil wishes us  to be unaware of evil,  as it exploits,  abuses,  and destroy us.  This is why it pretends to be good and destroys whoever is able to see through its charade. Indoctrination and propaganda are the primary weapons of the evil rulers of this occupied  territory. Whoever controls men’s thinking and behavior,  from birth to death- by whatever  unscrupulous means- controls this  world.

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October 13 2019

One of the most important steps in the summoning of a Demon you are not yet familiar with, is to go
through Satan.
The reasons for this are serious. Not all Demons are friendly to humans, nor are all Demons of Satan.
Satan has authority over all of the Goetic Demons. Most Demons are friendly when treated with respect
and summonings result in a positive experience. I have found many Demons that have caused outsiders
problems are often friendly to a confirmed Satanist.

God says

 “Right and wrong are only what I tell you they are, and they are absolute values that never vary”

Satan, on the other hand, says,

“Use your intellect to determine what is right and wrong in a given situation, because such value judgments are highly dependent on the environment you’re in at a given time”

The Truth About the “New World Order”

There is a lot of confusion concerning Freemasonry, The New World Order, The United States, and where these all stand in regards to True Satanism. The reason for the confusion is because of infiltration. The ORIGINAL Freemasons who were mainly responsible for establishing the United States of America, designing Washington DC and many other US Cities where the architecture is specially designed and geographically arranged for a future goal, using occult knowledge, had a completely different idea of a New World Order.

This NWO that our Founding Fathers (Whom were almost all Freemasons) had in mind was based upon Luciferian Principles. The goals of this NWO were:

1. To establish a free country where citizens could escape the severe oppression of “religion” and learn the ancient secrets of the past for themselves without any fear of losing their lives.

2. The United States was to be “The New Atlantis” and was meant to set a precedent for other nations of the world to follow in regards to spiritual knowledge.

3. To establish a free nation where each individual could become the best he/she could be.

4. The other goals of this NWO can be found in the original doctrines of the United States.

Now, what happened to the above and where this *other* NWO, which is of the J*** is going today is another story. I remember asking Father Satan about Freemasonry some time ago as I was confused by conflicting information. His reply was “They have been infiltrated” and he also told me the Freemasonry of today is much different from the original, which was based upon Luciferian Principles.

The general rule is: One can travel to the levels/dimensions/universes to which they have they key or Symbol to- the key being frequency, vibration, resonance and  experience. They may travel there and that are below that one in frequency, but they can never go higher in frequency than they can achieve at that particular time.

Whatever your frequency is  where  you will resonate or travel too, that’s why most individual never make it the Astral Plane. Emotional body must be clear of agenda and negative human conditioning in order to reach all many different frequencies available.

This also why one can never enter levels or dimension that they are not “frequency ready” to experience.The  Gate Keepers as such, for lack of a better way to explain, and there are guardians (again human labeling as a way of explaining) will not allow entrance.

When calling the demons into your ritual circle, the traditional way to do it is to use the enn, or an invocation of your own devise, and use the ritual dagger or your hand to draw the following in the air in front of you (kinda diagonal to the sky if that makes sense) , starting at the arrow and ending at the dot:

The invocation symbol above is often refered to as the ZD or DZ sigil. It is also used as a sigil representing Satan. Within the ZD are nine points representing the nine demonic divinities. The nine divinities are: Satan, Lucifer, Flereous, Leviathan, Belial, Verrine, Amducious, Unsere, and Eurynomous. The symbol is one fluid motion and is encircled as a sigil to represent the whole encircling all its parts. The ZD is also employed to invoke each Demon, no matter which one, with respect to the nine.