You been Warned

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Its speculated that hosting runs in the bloodl…

Its speculated that hosting runs in the bloodlines, reincarnation of the hosted spirit, or just that this entity chooses its abode indiscriminately. We do not have any definite concrete explanations. It could be any or all of the above.

Any one of us could be target or a potential host, Our strengths will come from the awareness of our vulnerabilities and also the knowledge of the process that takes place as a person is hosted.

My purpose here is to share my observations  of the hosting process and let all come to there own conclusions.

Phase 1

In  this stage the person will experience a change in normal mood. He may feel anxiety, have mood swings, depression  or agitation.This is a mood that “builds” intensity.  It might escalate into angry outbursts, crying spells, or morbid thought.  Sleep is lost or disrupted.

Phase 2

At this phase, the symptoms of phase one will intensify.

The body begins to show signs of stress and weakening. The  person will  do self destructive things such as speeding, biting nail down to nubs, self mutilating activities such as body piercing, various body altering cosmetic surgeries or other excuses to “go under the knife”

The more spiritual the individual is determines how long this phase may last and how intense it will be. How the person deals with the attack phase can determine whether the person will be or will not be hosted.

At this stage, the process can be stopped and reversed. The individual has a choice at this point to end the process or go on into the Active Phase.

Symbols Rule the WorldRemember the saying of t…

Symbols Rule the World

Remember the saying of the Chinese sage Lao-Tzu, who said that “symbols rule the world, not  rules or laws”?

Symbols communicate at a deeper level than words, because they are decoded by  the right, intuitive brain, whereas words are  decoded by the left, logical brain

Symbols are able to penetrate more deeply into our subconscious

Words attempt to rule the world, but they can never be as powerful as symbols.


You will not die; for God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, Knowing good and evil.

Genesis 3:4-5

But my children will know thee and love thee,  and this will make them free.





10 Satanic Principles

Your spiritual practice gives you freedom, and space, to find your own answers,even if those  answers disagree with the spiritual teachings

You are not judged, punished or excluded for thinking differently, or questioning ideas.

Your spiritual practice moves you toward love and oneness, providing the space for you to forgive yourself and  others, as you let go of old heavy baggage which no longer serves you.

The spiritual teachings uplift you to new heights of awareness, while also inspiring you to  express yourself

Spiritual beliefs are  offered through lessons of empowerment and not through fear of karma,punishment or any  form of  dis-empowerment, nor should you  be manipulated through guilt, obligation, or impeding regret.

Your spiritual  teacher does not encourage dependency on him or her, tell you  what to do, how to think or make other spiritual teachings wrong or less than.

You are not asked to judge, reject or exclude others in order to remain in the “religion”, nor are you punished for those who don’t obey the rules of your “religion.”

You feel honored and respected by your  teacher and peers, and you never feel as  if the teacher, or spiritual practice, has power over  you, or that your worthiness is in question.

Your Practice empowers you to discover who you really are, and supports  you in developing an intimate and personal relationship with the  “Divine,” where you experience yourself as unconditionally loved.

If your intention is spiritual awakening, your spiritual practice must not only empower  you to discover  the door of awakening, it must also encourage you to let go so that you can enter. In  order to fully awaken, you  must be willing to let go of even the sacred  practice that got you there.

As we travel higher, less and less people will…

As we travel higher, less and less
people will accompany us as the trail becomes more and more narrow, only angels
fear to tread or can access the very heights Saturn will bring us.

Satan promises to thee followers.

All this power will I give thee, and the glory of them: for this is delivered unto me; and to whomsoever I will give it. If thou therefore wilt worship me, all shall be thine.

Luke 4:6-7

Father Time is most often depicted as an old m…

Father Time is most often depicted as an old man with long hair and
beard, and a pair of wings. A scythe and hourglass are symbols
associated with him. The scythe represents the Divine harvest and the
hourglass denotes that the sands of time bring us closer to death. As
the scythe cuts the harvest, so life is ended by Father Time. He stands
behind a virgin (or young woman) attempting to untangle the ringlets of
her hair. It symbolizes that with time and perseverance all things can
be accomplished.

Acacia is an evergreen and represents the immortality of the soul,represents the timely discovery of his body.

The urn is a symbol of death and was used to collect tears of the mourners.It is often shown resting on a book symbolic of the Book of Life where
names of the righteous were recorded to ensure entry into Heaven.

Other representations show the virgin holding a scroll which is a symbol
of life. She can also be found holding a chisel or a mallet. She stands
before a sundered column symbolic of a life cut short.