I believe in Satan, Lord of Darkness Almighty,…

I believe in Satan, Lord of Darkness Almighty,
adversary of Order and Creation;
And in Lilith, Birth-Mother of Demons and protector of whores:
Paradise was found within the flesh, and of the Earth
born of erotic temptation
suffered under Adam’s impotency
was exiled thus from the Garden of Eden;
She spat upon the grave of Her virtue
and descended into Hell,
And sitteth now at the left hand of Satan, Lord of Darkness Almighty;
from thence She shall come to baptize the damned in the milk of Her desire.
I believe in Baphomet, Goat of the Witches’ Sabbath,
the temple of thine own body,
mastery over vice,
communion with demons,
the insignificance of man,
the infinite evil of the Dark Lord,
and a coming end to all things.
Ave Satanas.

This is a small shrine for Baphomet, or the Go…

This is a small shrine for Baphomet, or the Goat of Mendes.
This is Our Lord Satan, as He reveals Himself to His loyal ones.
Know that the Goat is symbolic of Pan, or All, for Lord Satan is All that IS, WAS, and ever SHALL BE.
The torch represents true enlightenment, for Lord Satan shall enlighten those that receive it from Him.
The pentagram on His brow represents man, for Lord Satan has always been
the very best friend of mankind: He is our just and lenient judge,
never condemning us for our natural inclinations.
The female breasts represent Lord Satan’s bounty: He gives abundantly to
the Children of Hell, and all things proceed from His mercy.
The caduceus represents lust, for Lord Satan is the Master of Nature,
and all life comes from Him. This is the lust of nature that brings
forth our existence from this planet, the lust that the xtian god would
try to cheapen, to defile, to make dirty and obscene–for the xtian god
is the god of the dead and dying…a thousand curses be upon him!
The wings represent FREEDOM for Lord Satan gives us total freedom in thought, word and deed.
His gestures represent the polarity that can exist…good and evil, right
and wrong, male and female: However, BOTH are to be found in our Lord
Satan, for He is All in One.
The globe upon which He sits represents the Earth, for Lord Satan is the King of this world.
The words on His arms are “solve” and “coagula”: the alchemical formula.
All together, the Goat of Mendes is a modern IDOL that can be honored and worshipped by those Satanists who know how.
All hail Baphomet!
All hail Satan!

For there is no God besides Our Lord Devil, an…

For there is no God besides Our Lord Devil, and He has no other
servants, besides the devoted to Him. Reject light, acquire Darkness,
and reject Christ, acquire Beast. And eternity shall dwell within thine
heart, enlightened by flame, for from age to age it exists, and light is
not light, but Darkness is.

“‘I’m setting twenty-two tables for the funera…

“‘I’m setting twenty-two tables for the funeral feast,
Satan is by far the kindest beast…’ -Spiritual Cramp; Christian Death

… death is natural. If no one died, we’d be in a world of hurt. The
world would be even more overpopulated than it already is. There is
nothing “unnatural” about death. Sure, maybe the circumstances of death
are sometimes unnatural. But the process of dying itself is just another
part of the cycle of life. Birth, life, death – repeat.

Next, death does not discriminate – all living things are going to
eventually die. None of us, healthy or sick, young or old, are
guaranteed another day. It’s something we need to learn to accept from a
young age, but often aren’t taught. It’s only the manner of death and
the time of death that are mysterious.

And finally, death itself is nothing to fear. It seems it’s the
manner of death that we really fear. After all, we’d all like a quick
and painless death. Not to mention none of us wants to deal with the
pain of loss of a loved one.

Death impacts the living more than the dead. That’s why they (the
infamous they) say that funerals are for the living, not the dead. Death
is a painful loss for those left alive most certainly. Losing someone
close to you or who you love deeply is like losing a part of yourself.
It leaves a hole that will eventually heal in time, but there will
always be a scar. It is because of these latter things (and the natural
human ability for and clairvoyance) that
necromancy came about to begin with.

There is another side of death, however. One that many people don’t
consider. Death is change. It is loss. Metaphoric death can be just as
life altering as physical death for the person who lives through it. So
in Daemonolatry, necromantic practices can, and often do, include
rituals to accept other kinds of death including but not limited to:
divorce, death of a career, loss of self identity (mid-life crisis),
loss of financial stability/home, etc…”

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Let the sleeping dogs lay.

The Orders’ purpose is to respond to the chall…

The Orders’ purpose is to respond to the challenge posed

by the Prince of Darkness. Our Patron,

known by many names.

As communicated through  the Infernal Mandate, We hold that

It is Prince of Darkness Who is at cause in the sovereign

and a non-natural gift of sapience. His pineal gift to humanity is

at the ontological source and quintessential essence of who we

are and the genesis of  what we may become.

As a temple, church, and religious organization, we seek to be

a shrine wherein the nobility of spirit and intellect is

cultivated, inspired, and encouraged.