The purpose of the Sigil of Lucifer is that o…

purpose of the Sigil of Lucifer is that of an instrument of visual
invocation during ritual.  By performing the appropriate ritual, the
sigil acts as a gateway to invoke and bestow the power and presence of
Lucifer.  Contrary to popular belief, the sigil was never intended or
created as an identification symbol or manor crest.  However, many
modern Satanists use the sigil as an emblem as well as for its original
intent, as a very powerful instrument of ritual.  Luciferians use this
sigil as well but also have their own distinctive version that they use
on a more widespread basis. 

many decades the graphical elements of the sigil have been identified
with specific characteristics.  The overall sigil appears as a chalice,
which represents creation, the fertile darkness awaiting and ready for
untold possibilities.  It must be pointed out as this sigil is an
instrument to invoke Lucifer, that Lucifer is considered to be the
bearer of light and wisdom into the darkness (that has been invoked
through this sigil).  The ‘X” over the sigil indicates the power and
realm of the physical plane; its passion and sensuality that drives all
entities.  The inverted triangle represents water, often referred to as
the original “Elixir of Ecstasy” without which physical life could not
exist.  The “V” at the bottom of the sigil represents the duality of all
things; dark and light, male and female and the power of convergence of
the two into one manifesting balance, creation and existence.  

“People create gods in their own image according to their own…

“People create gods in their own image according to their own desires
and needs. Gods tend to agree precisely with the beliefs of their
believers, care about the same things as those who believe in them, even
to speak to them personally, to be a friend to the lonely. They fulfill
the needs of some people so neatly because it is those people who
themselves create the personalities and wishes of the God they profess.
It is Human imagination at work, tied in with the ego, and with the
subconscious. Gods are our creations. Within organized religion,
people’s opinion on their “god” is always individual and subjective even
though they as a group call their God by the same name. Depending on a
person’s will and need they search out gods that closely match what they
themselves want.

Satanism abhors these gods in their multitudes. Satan is the
anti-god… destroying all these invented external sources of power. In
the name of Satan, there is only one true power that exists above Gods:
Human minds. For it is only Human Beings that have made gods, and it is
in our image that they are made. We create gods: We give them Human
emotions, human desires, and even give them hands, faces, bodies,
clothes and weapons. Why is all this so? We are dishonest. We create
gods in this manner because we dare not admit the truth: We Are Gods.

Religion and worship must be honest. If you are going to put your
heart, desires and motivations behind an object of devotion, there is no
point lying to yourself about the nature of your psychological
projections. The source of this objectification of your ideas about
reality is your own mind. The abstract nature of god, however
convoluted, is your own creation. That’s why all the gods of history
have had human emotions, cared for humans in particular, put the Earth
at the center of their schemes, cared about what us human wear, think,
do and feel. Gods have even looked like us. Let us discard such wishful
thinking and admit that we’re making it all up. In Satanism, we do not
worship others or ideas. We worship ourselves, as we are the source of
all the great things we adore. Self-worship is the most honest form of


“It is the individuals’ choice to live their lives in mental…

“It is the individuals’ choice to live their lives in mental bondage
or with the freedom to think. The ability to make decisions based upon
your own set of personal values is so very hard for the masses to
understand. It is far easier to follow the moral molasses of mass
thought then to step away from it and follow your own path and think for

Many people claim to be born Satanist yet few actually realize what
that means. It means always knowing whom you are, where you come from,
and the willingness to do whatever it takes to survive another day. It
is the innate force of Will inside you that powers you to strive and
achieve more and be the best that you can be physically, mentally and

When people claim to have liberated themselves from the mass
delusions of the common mans’ thoughts and morals you have to look at it
in many ways. Is it for them an escape route that allows them their
personal vices? Is it a way to strike back at authority figures with no
real substance behind what they think Satanism means? Or is it a
realization and recognition of their own personal values and beliefs
that were always there.

Satanism is not just all about being able to do whatever you want.
It’s about taking advantage of everything that comes your way and
running with it. It’s about making your own life easier and living by
your own personal choices, values and ideals. It’s about being able to
do all that you want and recognize the personal responsibility that
comes along with your actions.

Suffering, whining, and complaining are useless weaknesses. You have
the ability to change things if you truly desire to. Your inner force of
Will should be strong enough to do this. If you are unhappy with
something, change it. If you like suffering and complaining go to
confession at your nearby Xitian church. I am sure they can certainly
listen to your problem and direct you to your knees.

As an individual, you can have the desire and means to do anything.
As a Satanist it is the internal Force of Will to succeed that counts
most. It is this strong internal personal Force of Will that Will
Liberate those that have it from the mass conformity of everyone
belonging to the herd. The hardest thing is deciding where you belong.
All Satanists walk a long, lonely path, apart from the herd. Can you or
are you truly ready to walk the Dark Path, or are you too comfortable in
your blissful ignorance?”

“Saint Lucifer the Archangel Bring us knowledge Guide us through…

“Saint Lucifer the Archangel
Bring us knowledge
Guide us through the dark unknown
with your light
May you enlighten us, we humbly pray
And do Thou, O Prince of the Hellish
By your own power
Purge the earth of ignorance, bring
and illuminate Man with your