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If you’re a satanist that spends all of their time pestering Christians on the Internet because “it’s fun” then it’s you that’s the cringey one, not them.

I’m back!!

So Ive not been active much since April/May due to many reasons, my Dad was diagnosed with cancer, I had college exams and I started a tattoo apprenticeship. Everything has calmed down now so I’m going to be a lot more active. I’m sorry to messages I haven’t replied to and questions I haven’t answered, I will get back on track to doing it all. Thank you đź’•

I was wondering how mental health is viewed in…

I was wondering how mental health is viewed in laveyan satanism as my friend and I are choosing to become laveyan Satanists but both have mental health problems. We are also both lgbt and I was wondering before we commit if we would be healthily accepted. I also have self harm scars and when I was younger I only got the indulgence bit so I just kept self harming. I now assume that it is viewed as wrong as one should take care of one's self? Sorry to bother just need some things cleared up

Hey, so mentally ill people are accepted, they cannot help it and personally I found that it helped with my problems since it encouraged me to look after myself and look for healthy coping mechanisms. As for lgbt+ they are very widely accepted (I’m bi myself) and it is celebrated etc, there are pages dedicated to it in the bible. And self harm would be hypocritical because of self preservation however if it’s in the past and you’ve learned from it then that’s different. I hope this helped!




Today is the second “Friday the 13th” of 2018. As keen observers of those around us, we Satanists enjoy the consternation this number conjures amongst the superstitious. On this “dreaded day,” while the credulous cower we sally forth to indulge with brazen gusto for we know that luck is ours to create as we move the world according to our will.

May your day be truly splendid with an even more enriching night, dear aficionados of the outré!

—Magus Peter H. Gilmore

What are your thoughts on Eclectic Satanism?

What are your thoughts on Eclectic Satanism?

I’m not familiar with it so I’ve just read up on it and from what I’ve seen I quite like it. It’s basically cherry picking from the different views to establish your own personal view which I think makes it a lot more personal and not blindly following a set belief.


Lasts from the evening of 30th April to the evening of 1st May. I hope everyone has a good time celebrating how they want. Hail Satan!


This is gonna anger a fair few people.

You are not a Laveyan Satanist if you have not read the bible. Just because you’ve read the statements and the sins and read the Wikipedia page doesn’t make you a Laveyan satanist. It’s an easy read book that’s incredibly short that you can get from eBay cheap or even get a pdf file of it, there’s not really an excuse.

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Google translate couldn’t help this one

Just a follow up question, do you consider Lav…

Just a follow up question, do you consider Laveyism a religion or belief system?

Some people believe it’s either but personally I think it’s a belief system and a moral philosophy

What are the different kinds of Satanism? And …

What are the different kinds of Satanism? And does devil worship count as Satanism if Satanism is a rejection of worship in itself?

okay so there are two answers for this question, either:
1) here is a link to the types of satanism
2) satanism is strictly atheistic and theistic’s are merely heretic Christians and aren’t actually satanists