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Satanism demands study, not worship.

This is gonna anger a fair few people.

You are not a Laveyan Satanist if you have not read the bible. Just because you’ve read the statements and the sins and read the Wikipedia page doesn’t make you a Laveyan satanist. It’s an easy read book that’s incredibly short that you can get from eBay cheap or even get a pdf file of it, there’s not really an excuse.

Laveyan Satanists do not believe in demons, “evil entities”, possession and all that stuff. The mentality and logic behind demons is heavily flawed. It’s MYTHology. So when you message me saying you’ve contacted a demon or you want to be possessed, please stop.

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Laveyan Satanism supports all sexualities and trans people. Asexuality is widely accepted and no one should be shamed for not wanting sex (I do understand the struggle since satanism does promote sexual freedom). Trans people are expressing what they feel and shouldn’t get shit for it, expressing this is brave as fuck and I support anyone identifying as trans.

Homosexuality is widely accepted in Laveyan satanism. We believe that no one should feel guilty for the way they feel since no one can control sexuality and it is completely natural.

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