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I don’t dislike Christians, I dislike Christianity.
I don’t dislike Muslims, I dislike Islam.
I don’t dislike Jews, I dislike Judaism.

Just because I don’t like the religion does not mean I don’t like the people that follow it. There is much more to a person than their religion and it is no excuse to treat someone differently because of it.


Homosexuality is widely accepted in Laveyan satanism. We believe that no one should feel guilty for the way they feel since no one can control sexuality and it is completely natural.

A new leaf

Starting tommorow this blog will no longer post anti religious things. It is pointless and depressing. This will turn into a more classic blog about my day to day life and loving life and things that make me happy, hobbies and things like that. As I grow older I realize that there’s more to life then being pissed off at stupid people. I will try my best to post daily but probly won’t, thank you all who have followed me and liked my content. If you unfollow me because the blog is changing I completely understand. Don’t worry though I am still a satanist nothing has changed, but isn’t satanism about being yourself?
Hail Satan!

Tumblr peeps

I’m very lucky that I haven’t had to deal with some of the stupid Tumblr people. All of my followers and people who have messaged me have been extremely nice and open minded. I thank all of you! I just see a lot of atheists and christians arguing about stupid shit and it’s good to know that my followers are for the most part above all that nonsense. Thanks guys?

Hail Satan!


I’ve been doing a lot of thinking today. Reevaluating life and stuff like that. Not sure if I’m Gona get rid of my blog or just change it up a bit. Let me know what y’all think.

Holy shit same person as last time thinks they’re a…

Holy shit same person as last time thinks they’re a fucking doctor or something.

I just had to bring back stupid shit my christian Facebook…

I just had to bring back stupid shit my christian Facebook friends post when I saw this lol. This is a legitimate person I graduated high school with who thinks he can heal people by putting his hands on them and praying. I don’t even know what to think. It had a picture of the lady who was working in a grocery store but I removed it for privacy reasons.


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