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Materialism, Impermanence, and Originality in Modern Witchcraft-Poisoner’s Apothecary

Materialism, Impermanence, and Originality in Modern Witchcraft-Poisoner’s Apothecary

In Satan’s Service I Shall Remain


Satan has always been there when I have needed is aid even without asking or performing the Arts of Black Magick, yet I seek little from Him in truth ~ to deliver His Words into this world, to bring forth knowledge of His Black Arts to those who would embrace them, to be as a vessel for the Demons of His Legion and above all to Commune with His majestic force in realms beyond this world ~ these are gifts enough in themselves.

As His Scribe, the Teacher of His Black Arts and Keeper of His Mysteries I walk this mortal plane in need of little more!


MAGICK 101Name: Vision BoardLevel: IntermediateDuration: 6 to 8…


Name: Vision Board

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 6 to 8 Months

Items needed :Tumblr account,  or Collage Art

Part 1:  Create

1.Tumblr Account

After creating a Tumblr account  search for the images of what you desire and  add them to your blog. This is not to limited, let your creativity run wild.

2. Collage Art

You need a  ton of magazines to get the pictures from or print them off the internet , cut them and  glue them on a cardboard,

Part 2: Intent

Once you have completed either the tumblr account or Collage art, they have to be accessed daily,by only you and cannot be altered. If any changes are needed start over. Additionally, relatives,friends and even family members cannot see it, not even mention.Especially, the Collage Art, hide it. It  has to be private.

Each image has to memorized to the core, and content a feeling to it. How it is going to feel having these desire fulfilled.

Spend at least 5 minutes on each picture.

Part 3: Erase