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Slut Shaming

For a Laveyan satanist to slut shame it is entirely hypocritical. We encourage people to do what they love and to not feel guilty for it. Having casual sex is not something that should be shamed, if that’s their choice it’s THEIR choice. As long as they are not hurting others or themselves in the process, there is no reason someone should be shamed for liking sex.

And so man created God in his own image.

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Laveyan Satanists do not believe in demons, “evil entities”, possession and all that stuff. The mentality and logic behind demons is heavily flawed. It’s MYTHology. So when you message me saying you’ve contacted a demon or you want to be possessed, please stop.

My new tapestry piece

My new tapestry piece


Laveyan Satanism supports all sexualities and trans people. Asexuality is widely accepted and no one should be shamed for not wanting sex (I do understand the struggle since satanism does promote sexual freedom). Trans people are expressing what they feel and shouldn’t get shit for it, expressing this is brave as fuck and I support anyone identifying as trans.


Homosexuality is widely accepted in Laveyan satanism. We believe that no one should feel guilty for the way they feel since no one can control sexuality and it is completely natural.

It’s my Birthday!

A lot of people are shocked at my age and how young I am, but don’t forget that age does not equal knowledge.


a glimpse of my arm 👀 Anyone else love Ghost?

a glimpse of my arm 👀
Anyone else love Ghost?