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Lasts from the evening of 30th April to the evening of 1st May. I hope everyone has a good time celebrating how they want. Hail Satan!


This is gonna anger a fair few people.

You are not a Laveyan Satanist if you have not read the bible. Just because you’ve read the statements and the sins and read the Wikipedia page doesn’t make you a Laveyan satanist. It’s an easy read book that’s incredibly short that you can get from eBay cheap or even get a pdf file of it, there’s not really an excuse.

I recently found the CoS twitter account, it&r…

I recently found the CoS twitter account, it’s fucking great

I need no shepherd for I am not a sheep.

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I’m doing a survey for college and I need people aged over 30 to help fill a quick 6 question survey, message me and I’ll give you the questions.
If you have people near you that’s suitable I can give you questions to pass on.
The subject is rape, it’s general opinions and not too invasive.

Sinners are winners

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I don’t dislike Christians, I dislike Christianity.
I don’t dislike Muslims, I dislike Islam.
I don’t dislike Jews, I dislike Judaism.

Just because I don’t like the religion does not mean I don’t like the people that follow it. There is much more to a person than their religion and it is no excuse to treat someone differently because of it.


Paying the $200 for the official Church of Satan membership is not vital in becoming a Laveyan Satanist. Same as buying the membership does not suddenly make you a satanist.



Slut Shaming

For a Laveyan satanist to slut shame it is entirely hypocritical. We encourage people to do what they love and to not feel guilty for it. Having casual sex is not something that should be shamed, if that’s their choice it’s THEIR choice. As long as they are not hurting others or themselves in the process, there is no reason someone should be shamed for liking sex.