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Satanism demands study, not worship.

If you’re a satanist that spends all of their time pestering Christians on the Internet because “it’s fun” then it’s you that’s the cringey one, not them.

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Paying the $200 for the official Church of Satan membership is not vital in becoming a Laveyan Satanist. Same as buying the membership does not suddenly make you a satanist.

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Laveyan Satanism supports all sexualities and trans people. Asexuality is widely accepted and no one should be shamed for not wanting sex (I do understand the struggle since satanism does promote sexual freedom). Trans people are expressing what they feel and shouldn’t get shit for it, expressing this is brave as fuck and I support anyone identifying as trans.

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Anyone else love Ghost?

Sex is great but there’s a lot more to satanism than just the sex.