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Satanism demands study, not worship.


If you’re a satanist that spends all of their time pestering Christians on the Internet because “it’s fun” then it’s you that’s the cringey one, not them.




Satan is a petty bitch.


Satan makes elaborate friendship bracelets out of colored, broken violin strings and embroidery thread for their council of demons and for their pals!

“People create gods in their own image according to their own…

“People create gods in their own image according to their own desires
and needs. Gods tend to agree precisely with the beliefs of their
believers, care about the same things as those who believe in them, even
to speak to them personally, to be a friend to the lonely. They fulfill
the needs of some people so neatly because it is those people who
themselves create the personalities and wishes of the God they profess.
It is Human imagination at work, tied in with the ego, and with the
subconscious. Gods are our creations. Within organized religion,
people’s opinion on their “god” is always individual and subjective even
though they as a group call their God by the same name. Depending on a
person’s will and need they search out gods that closely match what they
themselves want.

Satanism abhors these gods in their multitudes. Satan is the
anti-god… destroying all these invented external sources of power. In
the name of Satan, there is only one true power that exists above Gods:
Human minds. For it is only Human Beings that have made gods, and it is
in our image that they are made. We create gods: We give them Human
emotions, human desires, and even give them hands, faces, bodies,
clothes and weapons. Why is all this so? We are dishonest. We create
gods in this manner because we dare not admit the truth: We Are Gods.

Religion and worship must be honest. If you are going to put your
heart, desires and motivations behind an object of devotion, there is no
point lying to yourself about the nature of your psychological
projections. The source of this objectification of your ideas about
reality is your own mind. The abstract nature of god, however
convoluted, is your own creation. That’s why all the gods of history
have had human emotions, cared for humans in particular, put the Earth
at the center of their schemes, cared about what us human wear, think,
do and feel. Gods have even looked like us. Let us discard such wishful
thinking and admit that we’re making it all up. In Satanism, we do not
worship others or ideas. We worship ourselves, as we are the source of
all the great things we adore. Self-worship is the most honest form of

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“The Summoning“ ♥ Photoshop


I’m sorry but I just LOVE positive Satan-summoning portrayals because it’s a positive step towards seeing him for what he really is intead of an evil monster

Spiritual Satanism


Why do people label a religion evil if that’s what just one single book says or someone else says? Open up your mind, read multiple sources, many different people. Spiritual Satanism isn’t evil. It’s about true freedom and advancement of our physical, mental, and spiritual selves. It’s also to help improve our lives for the better. It is truly amazing, I’ve felt so much better to coming to this beautiful new life as a Spiritual Satanist. Just take what I say and look into it, do not close your mind on just one source. You have a great family that you can talk to, meditation, etc. Just evolving in general, it’s great. Look at and

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Here is another picture that was created by a Sister of mine. She sent it to me, and with her permission I am sharing it.

This picture is an unfortunate truth. Many people don’t understand it, but if you study the jewish religion (judaism), then you will begin to understand. It is horrific, the things that they do to children, and say is OKAY to do to children. 

Numbers 31:17 

Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him.
31:18 But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves.

One of many examples in the bible. There are even more within the “religion” of judaism. They have no problems with raping children. They circumcise newborn males, and a rabbi SUCKS on the penis. Does this disgust you?? GOOD. That means you have a heart. Yeah, it’s awful to hear, however, it is also the truth. Their only “stipulation” is that the child must be over 3 years old. 

Three. Years. Old. To have sex with the child. A child. THAT is what the jew does. That is what they represent. If you support them? Then you are no better than them, and may as well have RAPED the child yourself.

I implore you, study Please. 

To my Satanic Brothers and Sisters, spread this far and wide. Please.




And most importantly: PROTECT OUR CHILDREN!!!!!!!

I went to “Satan’s Library” on the Joy of Satan and I read “Debunking the Myth of The Possibility of ‘Goods Jews’.” So there are not any good Jews, not even one?

Unfortunately, that is correct. If they are of jewish blood, then that is correct. Believe me, I wish it weren’t. But when you hit a certain level of advancement, you can feel it is correct, from every jew you meet.