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I don’t believe in god, I believe in myself! Focusing on how great I am today. Started the morning off with some yoga now having a cup of coffee, time to get this house clean so I can enjoy my day off work! Limitless options! Never forget that being a satanist isn’t all about working your ass to death, it’s about balance and doing what it takes to make you happy! Take some time to treat yourself, to buy that thing you really want, to do that thing you wanna do! Just take a minute today to breathe and take in nature and sit in awe of this beautiful hunk of space rock that we’re all spinning around on!
Hail Satan!!!




MAGICK 101Name: Vision BoardLevel: IntermediateDuration: 6 to 8…


Name: Vision Board

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 6 to 8 Months

Items needed :Tumblr account,  or Collage Art

Part 1:  Create

1.Tumblr Account

After creating a Tumblr account  search for the images of what you desire and  add them to your blog. This is not to limited, let your creativity run wild.

2. Collage Art

You need a  ton of magazines to get the pictures from or print them off the internet , cut them and  glue them on a cardboard,

Part 2: Intent

Once you have completed either the tumblr account or Collage art, they have to be accessed daily,by only you and cannot be altered. If any changes are needed start over. Additionally, relatives,friends and even family members cannot see it, not even mention.Especially, the Collage Art, hide it. It  has to be private.

Each image has to memorized to the core, and content a feeling to it. How it is going to feel having these desire fulfilled.

Spend at least 5 minutes on each picture.

Part 3: Erase




Morning Affirmation

Morning Affirmation

Meditation GuideFocus your eyes to the middle of the circular…

Meditation Guide

Focus your eyes to the middle of the circular movement as long as you can then look away, you gonna like it I promise and clear any thoughts that come withing making your mind still.